Regardless of your requirements for pharmaceutical packaging, CEBIS has the adaptability, cutting-edge technology equipment, and credentials to manage your projects from Phase I through Phase IV. We have been avidly ensuring that your clinical studies are well planned, quick, waste-free, and always on time.

There is a monumental shift of therapies from small molecule to Biologics. More and more clinical trials are currently shifting away from small molecule pharmaceuticals, and as a result, the demand for reliable cold-chain clinical trial supply management is rising. To support even the most sophisticated or cutting-edge therapies, CEBIS makes sure to stay on top of industry developments.

Our talented and professional team members carefully design the most affordable and patient-compliant procedures with input from our highly valued customers. Since over 80% of our clinical trials are multinational, they do this while maintaining complete efficiency and accuracy supporting your worldwide experiment.

We provide solutions for cold chain packaging and labelling, on-demand, and direct-to-patient packaging, as well as regular clinical packaging and labelling solutions. We have been concentrating on offering our clients cutting-edge, adaptable service alternatives for clinical trials for almost three decades. We also make sure that our packaging and labelling services adhere to International and comply to local standards.

No matter how big or small a clinical trial is, we are always accessible to meet the needs of our clients. For each clinical trial, the Clinical Supplies Management team pledges to offer each customer the most creative, effective packaging and labeling services.

Is there a tight deadline or challenging packing requirements for your study? View the On-Demand Packaging and labelling procedure, which enables you to launch your clinical study in a matter of weeks.

With our in-depth experience of 16 years into clinical trial packaging and labelling, we were able to successfully reduce re-work and strengthened our capabilities enables adaptive trials by ensuring that we are equipped and prepared to manage any changes in a qualified, effective manner.


We guarantee the highest level of accuracy as your preferred clinical trial packaging and labelling service provider, with rigorous inspection and quality control (QC) measures.

In contrast to our contemporaries, our approach is centered on tackling every challenge in a systematic manner, enabling us to deliver accurate and timely pharmaceutical packaging and clinical labelling supplies for your study.

Your specific needs for clinical study packaging and labelling are at the core of our patient- and client-centric approach, designed to achieve optimal results.

All CEBIS clinical packaging and labelling services in the USA strictly adhere to cGMP and EU GMP guidelines, as well as comply with EU Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR) and 21 CFR standards.

Services for Clinical Trial Packaging
  • Label Design, Printing, and Application
  • Assembly of the patient kit blister packaging
  • Carding
  • Small-Batch Bottling
  • High-Speed Bottling


We are aware of the packaging and labelling challenges you can encounter throughout your clinical trials, ranging from time restraints to study revisions that result in duplication of effort and waste. On average, 50% of all packaged and branded healthcare supplies are never used.

You may shorten deadlines, decrease waste, and increase the flexibility of your study with CEBIS On-Demand approach, allowing you to address any packaging and labelling issues right from very start. Drugs no longer need to be stored on site at locations that aren’t enrolling patients.


We are aware of the challenges involved in creating labelling for clinical trials. For whatever clinical trial label or design issues there may be, CEBIS USA offers flexible, accurate clinical labelling precision that complies with regulatory requirements.

After we determine the logistics of your clinical trial labelling needs, our highly effective designers create items that are targeted to both the regulatory and the aesthetically pleasing design requirements of your study.

In order to follow your particular procedure requirements, our highly qualified crew will continually be by your side. They will offer flexible solutions that take into account the particulars of your clinical labelling and production requirements. This enables us to effectively and competently manage the unique logistics of your trial’s supply chain.

We guarantee that your pharmaceutical supplies are accurately labelled, produced quickly, efficiently, and on schedule, and are suited to your unique trial requirements.

You may shorten deadlines, decrease waste, and increase the flexibility of your study with CEBIS’ USA On-Demand approach, allowing you to address any packaging and labelling issues head-on from the outset. Drugs no longer need to sit at locations that aren’t enrolling patients. No more reworking final goods with label modifications.

With On-Demand’s emphasis on actual enrollment, your business can launch a clinical study in as little as a few weeks. We are aware of the pressing need for time in your study.

Clinical supplies are packaged and labelled “On-Demand”—specifically for and just before each shipment request. At the same time, we guarantee that your shipment request will be handled within 48 hours (for the US) each and every time.

With our on-demand service, you can package and label a few patient kits within five days of making the order, from release to shipment.

In order to prevent drug waste, this service is offered exclusively for studies when the research drug is limited and expensive.

Our services for clinical labeling include:

When your project has a short deadline, our in-house thermal transfer printing capabilities enable a speedy turnaround.

Each label at CEBIS USA is subjected to a 200% quality inspection, and the company follows cGMP certified practices.

  • Single and multi-panel
  • Single and multi-lingual
  • Randomized and open
  • 30+ languages and more
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Labels that are made to remain attached at CRT, 2-8°C, -20°C, -70°C, and -180°C
  • Peel-off labels
  • Opaque laminates
  • Barcode printing
  • Placing a logo and graphics
  • Brochure labels
  • Additional content labels
  • Inserts with usage instructions

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