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  • Preventing harm from adverse reactions in humans arising from the use of authorized medicinal products within or outside the terms of marketing authorization or from occupational exposure.
  • Promoting the safe and effective use of medicinal products, in particular through providing timely information about the safety of medicinal products to patients, healthcare professionals, and the public.

Our Expert PV Center - Key points of the Expert PV Center

  • Risks come in many forms, and the multitude of data sources needs to be assessed and associated risks to be understood.
  • A risk-based approach typically means building a foundation through which all data received from different sources can be assessed once received – at the defined time period – to ensure safety accuracy reporting and quality defects accuracy reporting.
  • The Expert PV center counts on experienced and scientific background team, ready to interact. Direct line of communication with all involved parties: doctors, pharmacists, nurses patients supports the overcome of the many challenges that may be encountered (e.g., the wrong format, lacking information, the unknown source for sending safety reports, time for responding to the additional requests)
  • The Expert PV center holds continuous training on what information are reportable and source data retaining;
  • The Expert PV center is a registered operator in
    processing personal data and sensitive personal data.

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