Trial Planning and Analytics solution

With the aid of performance statistics from stakeholders including CROs, Investigation Sites, and Investigators as well as insights from study data, the CEBIS USA Trial statistics solution enables you to organise a new Clinical Trial with confidence. You may considerably reduce trial planning time and increase productivity with the help of our analytics tool. Additionally, the system is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform, giving you access to a range of cloud services from SAP. Utilising cloud initiatives from SAP in Life Sciences, our solution may be linked with your system to give comprehensive information.


Dashboard with analytics for the Planning Entity

Get a 360-degree perspective of your performance using our detailed analytical dashboard. CROs, investigation sites, and investigators can all access our dashboards. This will assist you in making decisions when you consider potential participants in a new experiment.

Access Based on Roles

There are four distinct roles included with Trial Analytics: an Admin position for setting up user administration, a Configurator role for adding new planning entities and historical data, a Planner role for developing new plans, and an Approver role.

View the New Plan's Detailed Fact Sheet

The method presents the freshly planned study in a straightforward fact sheet format once planning, including the identification of all stakeholders, has been completed. You can use this to confirm the plan once more before submitting it for approval.

Tabular and Graphical Analytics View

A printable version of all the system’s data is available for download, making choices during the planning phase simple.

Planning a Trial in Steps

Based on stakeholder analytics at each stage, you can sequentially arrange the study. On a different tab, you may check analytics for CROs, investigation sites, and investigators. The metrics for each tab may be viewed by planners, who can then choose which ones to use for the upcoming Trial.


Make Educated Decisions

By evaluating the performance of CROs, Investigation Sites, and Investigators, trial planners from Clinical Operations or R&D teams can make educated decisions with ease. Data can be seen both graphically and in a table.

Improve the Success Rate

A novel Trial that has been carefully prepared and is conducted in the appropriate setting typically has a greater success rate. Given the size of the capital required and the lost market opportunity, a failed trial can cause significant setbacks for businesses.

Make Planning Accountable

In order to increase accountability and provide documentation for decision-making, CEBIS’ USA Trial Analytics platform features a two-step approval process for any new trial that is planned. To support the choices, analytical fact sheets can also be printed.

Create a planning data repository.

Organisations can add historical data using a straightforward API interface or just by uploading a.csv file. They can download the data in a common spreadsheet format from their CROs or national operations teams and upload it to the Trial Analytics Tool.

Enable a quicker planning process

The planning process is simpler than ever with us. You will be guided through a straightforward step-by-step procedure when developing a new Trial based on the Therapeutic Area and Phase of the Study, where judgements can be made based on stakeholder prior success in each specific country.

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