Patient Recruitment, Retention, Engagement

Our healthcare teams benefit from the inventive patient recruitment strategies offered by CEBIS USA.

Our EMR’s built-in screening mechanism, which screens through our existing patient database, is used for recruitment. Our diversified community, opted-in database, and other effective recruitment channels are among the places where we collaborate with third parties to find and deliver out-of-practice patients.


Our methods and tools for recruiting include:

  • Campaigns using calls, texts, and emails
  • Review of charts and medical records
  • Internal patient database of the investigator
  • TV, radio, and newspapers
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter social media ads
  • Referral networks, emails or letters recommending specific hospitals or general practise clinics
  • Posters, flyers, and brochures can be found inside multispecialty practises
  • Patient to patient recommendations


Our team is kind, competent, and engaging.

  • Our team is kind, competent, and engaging.
  • Update patients on their health, medical condition(s), and studies progress (regular communication)
  • Outpatient volunteers can contact staff members for assistance in case of questions or situations.
  • PCP can receive the results upon request.
  • Make patients feel valued by sending them thank-you notes, reminders about future studies, birthday cards and emails, and newsletters.
  • Call, text, and email visit reminders prior to the following appointment
  • To avoid cancellations, identify patients who require assistance with transportation.
  • Prompts for compliance.
  • Assistance for learning throughout studies.
  • Ensure prompt payment processing.
  • 24-hour answer to general inquiries.


The goal of CEBIS USA is to constantly expand our network of referrals.

To help us reach our goal of having study volunteers, we maintain strong ties with the following organizations:

  • Regional branches of disease-specific support organizations
  • Health Fairs - Regular general health examinations conducted by our network of doctors
  • Senior living complexes
  • Nursing homes - Close collaboration with the caseworkers, management, and employees

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