Interactive Web Response System (IRT/IWRS)

IRT/IWRS proactively manages complex randomization methods for single-arm, big multi-arm, and multi-centred investigations while enabling well-organized, systematised drug delivery between various study sites.


Regardless of sample sizes, dynamic adaptive randomization helps prevent covariate imbalance among participants and produces balanced Treatment Assignment within covariate profiles. The likelihood of upcoming treatment assignments is chosen and balanced using the accrued data from prior treatment assignments as well as subject covariate values.

Subject Management

Our Clinical Trial Platform’s Patients Handling component offers tools for managing subjects effectively, including Subject Screening and Enrolment, Visit Management, IP dispensing and receipt, Unblinding, Withdrawal, and Completion. From screening through study completion, various Subject statuses can be seamlessly tracked. This makes it possible for Sites to meet the Study Enrollment and Completion goals on schedule.

Sites Management

On our platform, you can easily register, set up, and manage investigation sites. Clinical research monitors can activate, deactivate, and reactivate the sites using our Site Management tool based on the needs of the individual studies and site performance indicators.

Clinical Supplies Management

Strong IP supply management feature on the CEBIS USA Platform enables the drug supply manager to tightly regulate the supplies distributed to Sites and modify supply plans for Sites in light of the remaining treatment arms and new ratios. In order to further reduce supply waste on adaptive studies and lower the costs of IP in a clinical trial, our platform can enable on-demand labelling and shipping strategies.

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