Principal Investigator is the individual who is in charge of a clinical trial or a research grant for scientific study. The principal investigator is the person who is responsible for preparing the clinical trial protocol (the plan for the study) as well as carrying out the research that is funded by the grant. Additionally, the principal investigator is responsible for conducting data analysis and reporting the findings obtained from the trial or grant research. Also known as the PI.

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Principal Investigator Registration

In order to create an online investigator profile for you, CEBIS and its affiliates will use the information that you supply on this page. As you progress through the registration process, you will be asked for additional information that will enable CEBIS to take into consideration your candidacy for upcoming investigator opportunities. Within the CEBIS Privacy Policy, you will find important information on how CEBIS manages personal information, as well as information on what rights you may have in accordance with data privacy legislation.

Take into consideration that the investigator is the only person who can create the account. The same thing should be kept in mind when filling out the forms requesting investigator background information (IBI) and data protection authorization (DPA). You can request copies of the PDF version of the IBI and DPA by sending an email to CEBIS, filling out the forms, and asking the investigator to sign them. If you are a study coordinator or someone else who is involved in the process of conducting trials with the investigator, you are eligible to make this request. After that, you can send the paperwork to us via regular mail. 

Principal Investigator Registration Form

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